May 31, 2023

10 Best Pokemon Tins To Buy In 2023

The Pokemon TCG has evolved drastically over the years, and most recently they have crafted beautiful tins that conicide with booster packs, promo cards, coins and more!

So choosing the one that is right for you can be daunting, due to the sheer collection and ammount of bonus items that come with it.

So, we are here to show you exactly which are the best Pokemon tins this year, written by someone who has collected the cards ever since they launched back in 1999.

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By far the best Pokemon tin out there is the Mini Tin, it’s a perfect low-range tin that costs approximately $11/£8.

This tin is pocket sized too, allowing you to re-use it to store your cards, coins, the best trading card sleeves or stationary.

Inside the mini tin you rwill recieve two packs of trading cards, a coin, a random card which is usually a promo card that isn’t apart of the TCG and a online code, all for just $11, bargain!

There are many different series of mini tins, i have the Pokemon Go series, but you can choose from many different sets should you wish.

This Pokemon Go tin is one of my favourites because it’s jam packed with limited edition goodies alongside two incredible Pikachu Promotional cards.

Pokemon GO launched back in 2016 and was only in 2022 that the Pokemon TCG company decided to create a set dedicated to one of the most popular games of all time.

This set features the infamous “Pokemon GO” logo on each card, to make it obvious that these are all technically promotional cards.

You’ll find a wide range of Pokemon featured in this set, from the best bird Pokemon, to the strongest Pokemon, it’s a great fun set for those that don’t play the game “officially”.

The PokeBall tin is by far the most popular tin on this article, as it’s usually a tin that wis associated with obtaining rare packs from old sets.

Typically, you will receive four packs of trading cards and a coin in this tin. The booster packs chosen can span back a couple of years meaning sometimes, you may be able to pull a pack that is hard to come by due to collectors buying them out of stock in most retailers.

Like many tins featured, the Pokeball tins come in different “series”, which span over the year, different series features different packs, but most of the time you just receive any random series.

But nonetheless, it’s one of the best Pokemon tins for those that want to find rare cards for their collection.

Make sure you have some of the best top loaders around just incase!

The Divergents Power Tin was launched in late 2022 to promote to Pokemon Legends: Arceus game and features three variants to collect: Hisuian Samurott, Hisuian Typhlosion and Hisuian Decidueye.

These tins feature 4x Booster Packs ranging over the last few sets of cards released, we recieved packs of 2x Astral Radiance, 1x Brilliant Stars and 1x Fusion Strike.

You will also get a coin, an exclusive promo V card and an exclusive online code. Oh, and obviously a collectible tin to store trading card things.

It’s a great tin to collect and the choice of booster packs is perfect for old a new Pokemon fans.

This tin comes in two shapes, but both have the same products inside, so don’t worry if you see a 6-sid tine instead of an 8-sided tin, it’s all the same!

Pokemon’s Hidden Potential Tins were released on October 14th 2023 and feature three Pokemon V cards as a promotion.

Firstly, you have Giratina V, then Rotom V and finally Gallade V. The packs inside the tin feature from a number of different series, we received Chilling Reign, Lost Origins and Fusion Strike packs.

Chilling Reign is a great pack to get as it features rare legendary bird cards that collectors absolutely love.

Couple that with a gorgeous tin, a coin and online code it makes a great tin for any Pokemon collector!

Tin sizes and shapes may vary between different regions, the same goes for booster packs.

Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon ever, thanks to its many evolution forms, and a tin that takes full advantage of that is Pokemon’s new V-Heroes tin.

It comes in three different variants, featuring three different Pokemon as the tin art and the promo cards, letting Eevee fans choose at their own will.

You can choose the Sylveon V tin which we have, the Umbreon V and Espeon V. These promo cards are apart of the Pokemon Battle Styles series.

In the tin you will likely receive x2 Brilliant Stars, 1x Fusion Strike and 1x Vivid Voltage booster packs.

A great combo, and if you’re a fan of Pikachu, the Vivid Voltage booster packs gives you a chance to pull the rainbow fat Pikachu!

Want even more V cards? Then we have yet another V tin, this time it’s called V-Power, and there’s a variant that features the beloved Pikachu, how can you not love it?

If Pikachu doesn’t “spark” your interest (see what I did there?) then theres a Eevee V-Power tin that comes with a promotional Eevee V card and a custom tin, alongside an Eternatus tin!

In the tin it’s likely you will receive Darkness Ablaze, Rebel Clash and sun & Moon packs, heck some even say they’ve had XY packs in here before.

This makes tin a great purchase for those that want older cards mixed with new, for example you can the Charizard from Darkness Ablaze and gold cards from XY/

It’s best mixed tin on the list, for sure.

I am going to recommend this tin to collectors only, because it’s basically sold out everywhere, and the only way to get it is on eBay or if you’re really lucky on Amazon.

This is also a tin I advise keeping sealed… “Brandon, what are you on about” is likely what you are thinking right now but hear me out!

This tin is a celebration of 25 years of Pokemon and comes with a very rare promo card and packs that collectors want. But collectors want the tin sealed even more.

Sometimes the magic in Pokemon is collecting rare card/items, and this is one of them.

This tin features Lance’s Charizard Promo card, 4x Pokemon 25 “Generation” booster packs, a Battle Styles booster pack and a Vivid Voltage booster pack.

The Generations cards are highly collectible, and are likely to be the cards you wish you kept in another 25 years due to their value.

The Pokemon Collectors Chest is still technically a tin, and comes in a old school lunch box design, with more extra goodies than usual, but also a slightly larger price tag.

Pokemon Collectors Chests typically come with the following:

That’s a lot of goodies! And don’t forget the tin can be used for almost anything, it’s a great size and can be given to kids for storage or their lunch box!

It’s a cool new design that has come back into the market, and makes a great gift if the normal tins are to small/cheap.

Another tin that i reccomend buying is the Hidden Fates tin, but again this is only aimed at collectors because they’re very rare and feature rare Hidden Fates booster packs.

Hidden Fates is a sub set that was released in 2019 that came with an incredible ammount of cards that features well produced art work.

Some of the cards can sell for crazy prices, especially if you get your Pokemon cards graded.

This is a tin to buy and keep sealed for many years, you’ll thank me for it.

Hidden Fates tins feature a Promo GX card, either Charizard, Gyrados or Raichu and comes with 4x booster packs and a coin.

It’s also one of the only ways to get Hidden Fates booster packs as they were never individually sold by Pokemon.

It’s one of my favourite “modern tins” to date and it could potentially hold one of the most valuable Gyrados Pokemon cards!

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