Oct 01, 2023

Eviosys: Holographic effects, inclusive packaging, and new product lines

“We are convinced that metal packaging can bring many benefits to the luxury market. Indeed, metal is a noble and high-quality material that makes it possible to create a large number of shapes, decorations and effects,” says Isabelle Le Graët, Marketing Manager for the Eviosys group.

For ever more differentiated products Eviosys has developed, in partnership with Kurz, a hot stamping technique with unique holographic effects.

“Based on a industrial process that is unique in Europe, this technique makes it possible to create original colour reflection effects and 3D illusions,” Isabelle Le Graët tells Premium Beauty News.

Using micro-embossing technology to produce high-precision decorations directly on metal surfaces, Eviosys suggests to create Braille markings allowing visually impaired consumers to easily locate a QR code that would refer to an audio description or vocal directions for use.

At Paris Packaging Week, Eviosys will also introduce three “ready to launch” lines designed on the basis of three trends spotted by French trend agency Caramel:

Pebbles, a line inspired by the "regeneration" trend, with shapes that are reminiscent of pebbles, to meet the expectations of consumers seeking to get closer to nature. Iron Bar, a line inspired by the "industrial romance" trend. To meet the expectations of consumers who want meaningful purchases and noble materials, the range features ingot-shaped products. Sweet Tooth, a line inspired by the "little pleasures" trend and whose nesting boxes allow multiple combinations and an evocation of the joys of childhood.

Visitors to the show will also be able to test 3D designs with My Tin, a new interactive catalogue that allows you to customize Eviosys’ promotional packaging tins and visualise the result instantly, thus simplifying the development process and reducing the time to market.

“My Tin helps save valuable time by testing different shapes before moving on to the finishing stage. Of course, our design office can finalize the details at any time upon customer request,” details the marketing manager.

A major European player in steel aerosol cans, Eviosys also took inspiration from the trends identified by Caramel, to imagine a graphic universe combining the circularity of steel with innovative and ultra-differentiating designs.

“Steel and tinplate, which are the basis of our various packaging solutions, are infinitely recyclable materials and they are perfectly recycled in Europe. In addition, a metal packaging is a beautiful object in itself, which is an integral part of the gift. A real advantage for the luxury goods market that seeks to get rid of plastic,” concludes Isabelle Le Graët.


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