Jun 28, 2023

GlobeScout XPAN+ Aluminium Top Case Review

The GlobeScout XPAN+ Aluminium Top Case is made from a rugged aluminum magnesium alloy, is good-looking, and has serious locking hardware. I chose the 27L (7.1-gallon) model, as I have finally figured out what I want to carry and where. The 27L, 40L, and 47L capacity versions all cost the same, so function and form factors are the decision points. The Black powdercoat finish is $500, and the Natural (aluminum) finish is $400. The six-point, bike-specific tail rack bracket is stainless steel, and the top case mount is anodized aluminum/magnesium alloy. Everything is built for good looks and strength by the Istanbul-based company, which is distributed in the United States by Lindeco Genuine Power Sports in Miami.

While some riders prefer to put their helmet and jacket in their top cases, I want to lock up my expensive trail repair gear and have it all readily available. The 40L holds a full-face helmet. The 27L I tested measures 16-by-13.4-by-8.7 inches; it holds my expensive bits and my Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest when I stop at a restaurant for lunch.

The top and bottom rims are reinforced with steel trim, and there are top and bottom compression gaskets to seal out water and dust when latched. Each keyhole has a snap-on dust cover, as well. The two rear hinges and the two central front latches are also stainless steel. One locking latch is for the lid, and the other locks the GlobeScout XPAN+ Top Case to the mount. The lock sets are sold separately for $25 for the pair. Although the locks aren’t Fort Knox, they look like it will take a reciprocating saw to get into if you lose your keys.

When the lid is up, there is a conspicuous red triangle with an exclamation point in its center to alert rear-approaching drivers to be cautious. Tucked in each lid corner is a stainless-steel hook to attach a $35 accessory net to keep your smalls or maps separate from the rest of the storage area. The nylon corner protection caps are replaceable should you ever wear them out or break them. They are $6 each and sold in pairs.

The $200 GlobeScout top rack bracket uses the same mounting points as the OEM pannier rack, and fits on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike. The front two mounting points are connected to the passenger grab handles, which are well-placed lifting points. The top case weight is supported from underneath, in the wheel well, by a four-bolt, steel-reinforced bracket assembly. The 20 pounds of case and mounting systems are stout. While I haven’t crashed with the GlobeScout XPAN+ installed, I expect everything will stay in place.

Including taking off the OEM pannier racks, fumbling a bit, figuring out the wheel-well bracket, and installing the Top Case mount and the two keyed locks, the installation time was still under 30 minutes. The GlobeScout XPAN+ case fits onto four metal mushroom lugs and secures with a keyed, locking hinge. The entire Top Case has a two-year warranty, but I don’t see any part of the GlobeScout XPAN+ that could fail in normal use.

GlobeScout recommends no more than six pounds of gear inside the 27L XPAN+ Top Case, as too much weight that far aft might lift the front wheel and affect your steering and braking control. However, the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike has a Touratech Extreme shock installed.

With 25 pounds of my trail repair gear in the GlobeScout XPAN+, I didn’t feel any handling difference at freeway speeds, parking lot speeds, or on gravel roads. Freeway crosswinds didn’t notice any change in handling either. The Touratech shock dealt with the extra weight without complaint.

There are four stainless steel anchor brackets on the lid to secure a dry bag or tent, so there’s a possibility of adding even more cargo. I am already at 35 pounds for the case and contents, so the most I will be attaching is a low-profile container for liquids—water or fuel.

While I have been accused of carrying too much stuff, no one ever complained when I pulled out that extra tube, that correct-size socket, a 12-volt air pump, or that little Presta adapter for helping out the stranded bicycle rider. I carry what I think I will need when I am in the wilderness for myself or for a stranded rider I come across. The 28L version of the GlobeScout XPAN+ Aluminium Top Case is exactly what I need to keep my carry items physically dry, dirt free, and safe from thieves. You might want the 40L or 47L for your storage needs, but whichever size you choose, the GlobeScout XPAN+ line provides good-looking and dependable utility service.