Aug 31, 2023

Isese day: Things to know about traditional festival wey make Lagos state government declare public holiday

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Workers for Lagos no go go work on Monday 21 August sake of holiday wey di state goment declare.

Goment declare dat day as work-free day for all public servants for di state “in commemoration of di 2023 Isese Day celebration”.

Isese festival na traditional celebration wey dey hold for most South west states – e dey happun once in a year.

Dis na festival wey don cause some kain wahala for states of di region.

Last week di Council of Ulama (Islamic clerics) move against di celebration of di festival for Kwara State.

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Dem sama warning to those wey dey plan to celebrate traditional festival for di state capital Ilorin say make dem no reason am.

Ulama an di join bodi of Islamic scholars wey dey arrange matters wey concern Islamic religion for di state.

Di clerics say make di Isese festival conveners carry dia planned event comot di area sake of interest of peace.

“We must make am abundantly clear say we no dey against di celebration of di Isese festival. Wetin dey important na to let di whole world sabi say we, di pipo of Ilorin, get nothing to do wit am,” di executive secretary of di Council of Ulama tok.

But contrary to di reaction of di Ulamas for Kwara, di situation dey different for Lagos, Nigeria commercial hub.

Di Lagos state goment for circular wey Oga Hakeem Muri-Okunola issue on Friday say dem go do di festival to promote di indigenous culture and tradition of Lagos “while preserving our heritage.”

“In restating our commitment to continue to provide di necessary support to traditional institutions in di state wit a view to promoting our indigenous culture and tradition while preserving our heritage, Mister govnor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu don graciously declare Monday, 21 August 2023 a work-free day.

“Dis na for public servants for di state. Work go diafore resume on Tuesday, 22 August,” di circular tok.

Di meaning of di ‘Isese’ na tradition in Yoruba, one of di many languages for Nigeria.

Dem dey use di word to describe traditional events wey Yoruba pipo dey do.

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