Jan 29, 2024

15 Best Pill Organizers And Boxes That Are Stylish, Per Reviews

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Keep alll your pills safe in these cute organizers.

Traveling with your pills, whether they be a prescription medication or just your multivitamins, can get difficult, messy, and unorganized. That's why pill organizers and boxes can be so helpful, especially if you're taking a lot both in the a.m. and p.m. Just imagine all the space you can save for gifts and souvenirs (for yourself) when you don't have to pack each separate vitamin bottle or prescription in your carry-on. Let's be real—it's time to ditch the Ziploc bag, too.

When you’re shopping for a pill organizer, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, think about how you want your pills organized, and how long you want to store them in an organizer for. Do you like them organized by day for a week or do you prefer a.m. and p.m. compartments for a whole month's worth of pills? Plus, think about how large your pills are. Ensure that each compartment in the organizer is big enough.

Don't forget that style counts, too. You can find some seriously cute yet practical options out there on Amazon, Nordstrom, and more. But no matter what your needs are, you'll want to prioritize an organizer that travels well. That means it should seal safely, be lightweight, and not take up too much room—so, you should just as easily be able to pop it into your purse while out to brunch as you can throw it in your suitcase before a trip to the Bahamas.

Below, check out the 15 best pill organizers you can shop now—reviewers can't stop raving about them.

This pill case is adorable and fits a wide range of pill sizes due to its removable four-compartment insert. Travelers are big fans of how durable and compact it is, saying the little palm-sized organizer fits basically anywhere. It also has loops on it, so you can attach the box to a key ring and make it even more ~portable~.

Rave Review: "The fact that you can utilize this case with the four-compartment insert provides you some leeway in terms of the many configurations you may create with it. It does an excellent job with pills, but it also works with bigger things and may be used for both. It is simple to fasten. Not only are the smaller compartments useful for keeping medications, but they are also an excellent size for rings and other little jewelry. This is fantastic for the gym as well as traveling. In a nutshell, this is a well-made and long-lasting product. It is better than I could have hoped for."

Reviewers adore this adorbs and slick pill organizer, which slides open and closed with its magnetic closure. While some say it's a bit big for slipping in your purse on-the-go, it's compact and subtle enough to keep on your bathroom or kitchen counter without attracting too much attention.

Rave Review: "I'm delighted to finally have found a pill container that's not hideously ugly and can fit most of my pills. The sliding mechanism is clever and easy to use, and does a great job keeping everything where it should be. It's a little larger than I'd imagined but it fits in my backpack when I'm traveling. It's definitely too big for a medium or small purse, so if you need something on the dainty side, this isn't it."

This sleek AF pill organizer will make storing your pills look extremely stylish, IMO. It has a secure opening with an ergonomic design, and the compartments are surprisingly spacious given the sleek design. Just don't accidentally open it upside down...

Rave Review: "Love this pill organizer! I can use it without telling everybody on the planet that I am over 50. It locks into place and each compartment has plenty of space. I highly recommend this!"

With 21 compartments, this super stylish, futuristic organizer is totally worth it if you have a lot of different pills. It's secure and each compartment is removable if you don't want to carry the entire case at once.

Rave Review: "This is perfect for prepping and ready to go. The color matched the photo exactly and I'm happy with my purchase."

This pill organizer is quite literally one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. People love how well it fits into their home decor and how it actually makes taking pills just a little bit more fun. (Just note that it's better for once-a-day pills.)

Rave Review: "Love this aesthetically-pleasing pill holder!! Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it’s functional and practical by taking up less counter space. I was happy to toss my ugly plastic one in the trash. This is a must-have!"

This cute pastel set of two is what Instagram dreams are made of. But, on a serious note—it's practical, too. Reviewers say it's spacious enough to hold a lot of pills, and the secure closures really stay shut so your precious cargo won't fall out easily if you plan on traveling with these.

Rave Review: "This is easy to open but stays shut well. Nice neutral color, so I leave it on my kitchen counter. What else can I say? It holds about six to seven large pills in each compartment."

Here, you'll get three organizers for under $15 Not only are the cases super cute, but they're also functional—reviewers love how many pills each compartment holds, how securely the boxes seal, and how well you can see each pill without having to open each compartment.

Rave Review: "I love these little mini suitcases to put my vitamins and medicines in. It's easy to use and fit right in my purse. I use these daily and put one in my purse. I also use them when I travel. Great to keep you organized and on-track for taking your vitamins/medicine because you can carry these anywhere."

I don't know about you, but reviewers are totally loving the way this pill organizer is actually shaped like a pill. It's super spacious, making it a great option if you have larger pills or a lot of little ones.

Rave Review: "LOVE this pill organizer. It’s so cute and it is shaped like a pill so it’s a visual reminder to take your pills. The strap is nice. I hang it on my bedroom door and it makes it hard to ignore. I haven’t mastered filling this organizer yet and it takes a little time but it is the best organizer I’ve ever had. Also, it can fit a lot of pills in there!"

This a.m./p.m. pill organizer is super easy to use and lasts for years, reviewers say. The twist-on seal is super secure, and since it's black, it'll even protect your pills from the sun in case you've been told by your doctor to keep your medications away from sunlight. The compartments are large enough for bigger pill sizes, too.

Rave Review: "After I received my first purchase, I liked it so much that I purchased three more for a total of four. Now I can set up my medications for an entire month. Using four of these takes up less space in my bathroom cabinet than any of the larger one-month versions that I've tried and returned. They're sturdy, easy to open and close, and spacious enough to hold medications and vitamins. They'd be perfect for travel. You won't be disappointed."

There's a low chance you'll forget to take your pills when they're in this transparent, clearly-labeled organizer atop your bathroom counter. According to reviewers, it's spacious enough to fit pills of all sizes, yet isn't bulky. The secure snap closures are spill-proof, too.

Rave Review: "This product has made my mornings and evenings much easier! It’s very efficient. I have dropped it twice now and it does not spill my medication everywhere like the other one I had did! Definitely recommend."

This pill box looks totally adorable and is best for someone who needs the bare essentials. With one compartment per day, the organizer's compartments are surprisingly spacious, reviewers wrote. Bonus: It even has a mirror.

Rave Review: "I take seven pills a day and saw this at the store and instantly wanted it, yet knew all my pills wouldn’t fit. During a boring stay-at-home COVID day, I decided to buy this online and give it a try. So glad I did, because it’s cute, compact, has a mirror, AND fits all seven of my pills. So much better than my other pill box!"

If you have to take up to four pills a day at different times, this organizer has you covered. Each compartment is removable so you can travel with one day's worth of pills at a time and reviewers love how high-quality it is.

Rave Review: "I have been searching for a good pill organizer for a while. It has been difficult to find one that has a sturdy outer box as well as the individual day containers, and is also still cute! This one checks all the boxes! The plastic is thick and shiny—not thin and rough like some others I’ve seen. The outer container keeps all the day containers in place with minimal movement when you shake it. I trust this organizer! I’m glad I purchased this one! I ended up ordering two more for my parents as well :) 10/10 would recommend!"

This cute little metal pill case has some seriously cool retro vibes. It's totally discreet and versatile, so you could easily use it to hold items other than pills, if you'd like. It honestly just looks like a cute tin of mints, so feel free to use this in public freely.

Rave Review: "I love this little case. It's so cute and the perfect size. I was worried it would be too big to hold my birth control pills, but they fit perfectly."

It's easy to set out your entire month's pills at one time in one space with this organizer. You can also take out a specific set of days if you're traveling and don't want to take the whole case.

Rave Review: "This was the only med organizer I could find that had a full month with numbered dates which is exactly what I needed. I purchased two for me and one for another family member. Love that I can pop out specific days for traveling."

If you're constantly forgetting to take your pills (hey, it happens to the best of us), try this smart pill box, which lets you set alarms and notifications for exactly when you need to take each pill.

It fits 30 days worth of medications, and makes the best gift for *that* forgetful loved one in your life. Technology, am I right?

Rave Review: "I really like EllieGrid! I have to take many vitamins and minerals daily. The compartments are sized perfectly. It is built tough and has only one cover to open. It's well-designed, high-tech as hell, and sturdy. I love it and it is worth every penny!"

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