Aug 17, 2023

Five cheap and creative ways you can show off your holiday snaps to everyone

WHY leave your holiday snaps on your phone when you can print them out and get creative?

You can upload photos to an online printing service and get them delivered to your door.

Then you can make a special collection of your memories with these cheap and easy artistic ideas.

STRING ’EM UP: Create a framed line of your favourite holiday photos.

You can buy a set of Netume 30 cardboard frames with wooden clips and twine for £8.89 at Amazon.

Hang them against a plain wall to make your blue-sky photos really sing.

JOIN GROUP: When choosing which pictures to display together, it’s a good idea to have something that links them together.

How about a group of funny-face shots or a collection of your favourite sunsets from your trip?

Using similar themes will give a design the edge.

SPELL IT OUT: Covering cheap papier mâché letters with a collage of photos will make an eye-catching display.

Paint the sides and back of the letters and then cut your prints to size to stick on the front of the letters.

Serious crafters swear by Mod Podge glue and finisher, which you can buy at Hobbycraft, £5.30.

Follow the method at for a slick finished product.

TAPE TIME: Use bright washi tape to frame your photos on the wall.

You can group pictures together then put the tape around them all, or frame individual photos and display them in a grid.

For a relaxed look, put the tape on each corner of the pic and stick them on the wall at different angles.

GO LARGE: Buy or repurpose a giant frame, like the Fiskbo 50cm x 70cm frame from Ikea, £8, and fill it with your fave holiday shots.

Break photos up with ticket stubs and other memories from your time away.

A map of your holiday location as the background will make it memorable.

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