Dec 23, 2023

More Halloween Horror Nights 32 Merchandise Appears at Universal Orlando, Including 'Stranger Things 4' Hellfire Club, The Last of Us, and More

As opening night for Halloween Horror Nights 32 approaches at Universal Orlando Resort, more merchandise has appeared at the Universal Studios Store in CityWalk and in the park at Universal Studios Florida. Let’s take a look.

A new window display featuring this year’s key art is now up at the Universal Studios Store.

The displays include decoration for both Halloween Horror Nights in general and “Stranger Things 4.”

Keep your gear close with this Hellfire Club backpack.

An embroidered Hellfire Club logo sits above a sewn on patch and screen printed details. Pyramid rivets line the small front pocket.

There are also pyramid rivets on both side pockets. This side has a patch that reads “Roll for your life, dice don’t die,” and has a demogorgon with a D20 die in its mouth.

This side has a patch featuring this year’s Halloween Horror Nights logo.

This Hellfire Club flatbill hat features the club’s logo on the front panel.

The right side of the hat includes two patches. The one on the left reads, “Demobat Slayer,” and the one on the right says, “Hellfire Club Fireball Him!”

The back of the hat has this year’s Halloween Horror Nights logo embroidered.

The inside of the hat has criss-crossed “Stranger Things” logo taping, and the underside of the bill has a Hellfire Club repeating pattern.

This baseball tee features a deviation of the usual Hellfire Club logo, instead opting for an altered font and more details throughout.

The graphic on the front of the shirt is illustrated in shades of black and red. The torso part of the shirt is white.

The baseball sleeves are black, and the back of the shirt has the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo printed below the neckline.

These graphic Hellfire Club socks feature the club’s logo up toward the top, with a repeating pattern below black striping.

Here’s a closer look at the repeating pattern. It includes various skulls with bat wings, axes, swords, demogorgons with D20 die in their mouths, and more.

An abbreviated logo for the club is found toward the toe.

The “HFC” logo is also printed on the back of the sock.

Take some style cues from Eddie with this Halloween Horror Nights Hellfire Club jacket.

The jacket features a jean cutoff vest attached to a black zip-up hoodie. A patch of the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo is sewn above the front left breast pocket.

The back of the jacket has a graphic of the Hellfire Club logo.

The hood has a sewn on graphic of the “Stranger Things” logo.

This “Stranger Things” sublimated headband features an all-over repeating pattern.

The Hellfire Club logo and icons repeat over a black and red crackly pattern.

This Hellfire Club shooter glass includes the same repeating pattern featured on the graphic socks above.

The glass itself is frosted white.

This earrings set includes one pair of studs and one pair of dangles.

The studs are of the Hellfire Club demon head shown in the club’s logo.

The dangles include a demobat charm attached to a metal chain. D20 charms with the abbreviated “HFC” logo are attached to the demobats.

This faux leather cuff is covered in metal Hellfire Club charms and rivets all around.

The cuff snaps on with snap button closures.

This patch set includes three patches that can either be sewn on, or simply peeled and stuck to your garment of choice.

This patch features the Hellfire Club demon head inside roaring flames. A square with an embroidered variant of the club logo and “ST” are below it.

This patch is the largest of the three, and is the classic Hellfire Club logo.

The third patch is of a D20 die over a yellow orb. The abbreviated club logo is included in the faces of the die.

This T-shirt featuring the Surfer Boy Pizza logo from “Stranger Things” is blacklight reactive.

The back of the shirt says “Delivered… hot to your door,” and includes the Surfer Boy Pizza telephone number.

This dog tag necklace includes the tag and a second charm strung on a ball chain necklace.

The dog tag is black with silver accents, and has the “Demobat Slayer” art. The second charm is the Hellfire Club demon head.

This T-shirt highlights the “Stranger Things 4” haunted house in the lineup this year at Halloween Horror Nights.

The top of the graphic has Vecna reaching out in a red sky full of demobats. Below him is the boarded-up Creel home, with the grandfather clock and stained glass door on either side. Eddie rocks out at the bottom of the graphic to the right of the “Stranger Things 4” logo.

The left sleeve has the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo printed in a red and blue gradient.

The “Stranger Things 4” pint glass features iconic moments from the season of the show. Vecna floats above the Creel home, with the Halloween Horror Nights logo above and the “Stranger Things 4” logo below.

Turning the cup, there is an illustration of Max levitating above her stepbrother Billy’s grave.

To Max’s right is the Creel grandfather clock, a sound “Stranger Things” fans know all too well.

On Vecna’s right is a close-up of the villain, in all his grotesque glory.

Next to Vecna’s close-up is Eddie shredding in the Upside Down as demobats fly overhead.

This “Stranger Things” mug looks like it was pulled straight from the Upside Down, thanks to the handle molded to look like Vecna’s tentacles. To the right of the handle is the Creel grandfather clock.

Turning the mug, the Creel home and the “Stranger Things 4” logo is shown.

Next is Eddie playing his guitar as a swarm of demobats fly above.

Continuing around the mug, we see a close-up of Vecna.

The Creel home stainted glass door also makes an appearance.

Inside the mug, though, is a swarm of Vecna’s tentacles looming in shadow.

Commemorate your “Stranger Things” experience with this scented candle.

The candle is housed in a black tin, and has a sticker graphic wrapping around the exterior.

This graphic includes Vecna’s lair in the Upside Down, the Creel home, and Eddie playing guitar.

This badge reel and pass case includes art for the “Stranger Things 4” house at Halloween Horror Nights.

One side of the badge reel is the stained glass window of the Creel home door.

The other side is the Creel grandfather clock.

The pass case’s art features the “Stranger Things” and Halloween Horror Nights 32 logos, Vecna, the Creel home, the stained glass door, and the grandfather clock.

Add to your pin collection with this Limited Edition mystery collection pin box.

The full set includes 7 pins, with the chaser being a stylized poster of Eddie.

Each box contains two randomly selected pins.

If keychains are more your thing, you might like this Vecna keychian featuring the Creel house.

The Halloween Horror Nights and Netflix logos are embossed on the back.

For the magnet collectors, there’s a magnet set for “Stranger Things” that includes two magnets.

One magnet has the boarded-up Creel house, surrounded by Vecna’s tentacles.

The other shows Vecna reaching out over the “Stranger Things 4” logo.

This poster includes the same art that’s featured on the house T-shirt.

Kids can join in on the “Stranger Things” fun with this Vecna youth T-shirt. Vecna’s face is front and center, surrounded by tentacles, the show’s title, and his name. The Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo is printed in red beneath him.

Let Vecna keep your belongings safe with this drawstring bag. The front features the “Stranger Things” villain, with his name above. The bag is gray with shadowy tentacles all over.

The lining inside the bag is red with Vecna’s tentacles in a repeating pattern throughout.

The back of the bag includes the “Stranger Things” logo printed in red.

The straps of the bag repeats “Halloween Horror Nights 2023” over and over. A small clip is attached to keep the straps together while you’re wearing it.

This chocolate bar 3-pack includes a milk chocolate bar, a dark chocolate bar, and a milk chocolate bar with rice crisps, all wrapped in “Stranger Things”-themed packaging.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet slice, look no further than these pizza gummy bites.

Here are the nutrition facts listed on the back of the box.

The box itself is yellow and red, and features both Surfer Boy Pizza and Universal Studios logos.

There’s also rock candy available in “Stranger Things” packaging.

Eight rock candy sticks are included in each package.

Here are the nutrition facts for the rock candy.

Commemorate your time in this year’s scare zones with this T-shirt, featuring art of each zone and Dr. Oddfellow.

The left sleeve includes the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo in red.

The same art as the T-shirt is also featured on this soda can-style glass.

Dr. Oddfellow looms over an advertisement detailing the magic and mystery of this year’s scare zones.

Around the glass are posters of characters from the scare zones.

There are also zodiac symbols included, which ties into Dr. Oddfellow’s overall theme.

This Chucky figure pin comes packaged as though he’s a doll. The tagline “He wants you for a best friend” is printed at the top below the “Chucky” logo.

Chucky wears his iconic overalls and striped shirt, with every stitch and scrape accounted for.

This 4-pack shooter set features haunted houses from this year’s event. From left to right, the set includes “The Exorcist: Believer,” “The Last of Us,” “Stranger Things 4,” and “Chucky.”

This set is hand wash only.

This “Never Go Alone” poster features the same key art that’s been included on other merchandise items. It features a clicker from “The Last of Us,” Vecna and Eleven from “Stranger Things 4,” Chucky, Universal Monsters’ The Phantom of the Opera, and “The Exorcist: Believer.”

This skater skirt features an elastic waist and a repeating pattern of various icons for Halloween Horror Nights 32.

The icons include skeletons, skulls, crystal balls, planchettes, the Halloween Horror Nights logo, the tagline “Never go alone,” crows, palmistry hands, and more.

This Lil’ Boo pin set includes three pins.

One pin is of everyone’s favorite pumpkin, Lil’ Boo.

The other two pins are a crow holding an eyeball, and a coffin with the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo on it.

This patch set can be sewn on or peeled and stuck to your garment of choice. It includes patches of Lil’ Boo, a crow, and a coffin with the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo.

This black and gray tie-dye pullover hoodie commemorates this year’s scare zones.

Screen printed art of Dr. Oddfellow amongst orange stars is included over the left breast.

The hood is also black and gray tie-dye.

The back of the hoodie features the same scare zones art included on other merchandise we showed you earlier.

This small faux succulent planter comes in the shape of Lil’ Boo.

The succulent “grows” out of his head.

This double-sided Halloween Horror Nights 32 lanyard features iconography related to this year’s event, including planchettes, palmistry hands, and skeletons.

One side is red and black, and the other side is blue and black.

There were also other new items released in Universal Studios Florida today for Halloween Horror Nights 32. We spotted them in MIB Gear Shop in World Expo, and the San Francisco merchandise location next to King’s Cross Station.

This romper is stylized to reference Chucky’s own iconic overalls.

The romper is made of sweatshirt-like material.

The front pocket has “Wanna play?” embroidered in a drippy red font.

The back right pocket has “I’m your friend till the end” embroidered on it, with a small bug tag featuring Chucky’s face attached.

This black T-shirt features art for “The Last of Us” house. Joel and Ellie stand in the foreground as a clicker looms large behind them.

The logo for the game is included in white on the left sleeve.

The back of the shirt has the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo printed in red near the neckline.

For chillier nights, you can opt for this sweatshirt featuring the house art for “The Last of Us.” The Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo is printed in red on the front left breast.

The back includes the same art that’s featured on the T-shirt.

The left sleeve has the game’s logo printed down the length.

This poster for “The Last of Us” includes the art for the haunted house with Joel and Ellie, the game’s logo on the left, and the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo on the right. It comes in a plastic case to avoid bending.

This scoop neck women’s shirt features the stained glass from the door to the Creel family home featured in “Stranger Things 4.” Both the show’s logo and the logo for Halloween Horror Nights 32 are featured at the bottom of the shirt.

The back of the shirt includes that same scooped neck, with a strap going across the shoulders as an accent.

This multi-use decal sheet features various icons and art related to the Hellfire Club from “Stranger Things,” including the club logo’s demon head, a D20 die, and more.

Match Dustin with this Thinking Cap trucker hat.

The brim is blue and matches the mesh back of the hat. The front includes the Thinking Cap art as seen on Dustin’s hat in the show.

The back of the hat has the Halloween Horror Nights 32 logo embroidered over the adjustable clasp.

There are also small patches for the Hellfire Club and Hawkins High School attached.

This 3-patch set features Venca-related items from “Stranger Things 4,” including Venca himself, the Creel stained glass door, and the Creel grandfather clock. You can either peel and stick them to your desired place, or sew them on.

This poster includes the same art as the house T-shirt we’ve featured in previous merchandise updates. A black cat looms over a palmistry hand, which is filled with all of the logos for this year’s haunted house lineup. The year 2023 is included in two coffins on either side of the hand.

If you want even more Halloween Horror Nights 32 merchandise, check out our other round-ups below:

Halloween Horror Nights 32 begins on September 1, 2023.

Are you excited to see more Hellfire Club items hit store shelves? Or are you more excited by other items in our round-up? Let us know in the comments.

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