Nov 26, 2023

New Autumn Gelatoni Merchandise Collection Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort on September 7

Tokyo Disney Resort will debut a new Autumn Storybook Collection featuring Gelatoni merchandise on September 7, 2023. While the collection heavily features Gelatoni, Duffy and some of his other friends also appear.

This small towel is approximately 25cm long x 25cm wide.

It features Gelatoni in an orange outfit with his paintbrush, set against a book with autumn leaves all around.

The same Gelatoni image is on this tin of chocolates. Also on the tin are LinaBell, Duffy, and ShellieMay.

In the tin are 12 chocolates. There are 3 of each type of chocolate:

A storybook-shaped box includes another series of chocolates.

There are 16 total, 4 of each of these flavors:

If marshmallows are more to your taste, this set features 12 marshmallow pieces with chocolate cream.

Each marshmallow has a different character’s face printed on it: Duffy, ShellieMay, Gleatoni, or LinaBell.

The memo set includes notepads featuring Gelatoni, Duffy, LinaBell, and ShellieMay with autumn backgrounds.

There are also book-shaped and flag-shaped sticky notes.

To go with your memo set is this sticker set, which comes in an Autumn Storybook box. There are various stickers featuring the characters and some fun masking tape.

This set includes two postcard designs. One features Gelatoni on the storybook, with his three friends below. The other shows them all gathered around the storybook.

There are also two pop-out bookmarks featuring Gelatoni and Duffy.

Lastly for the stationery is a set of four pens, each featuring a different character.

This cushion is approximately 39 x 39 x 17 cm. One side has a plush Gelatoni popping out of a storybook, with paint supplies, plants, and books around him.

On the other side are all four animals gathered around the book, placing leaves inside. “Capture the Colors of Cape Cod” is printed below them.

The tote is about 32 cm tall and 44 cm wide. One of the exterior pockets reads “Autumn Storybook” while another features Gelatoni.

The other side of the bag has all four friends gathered around the storybook. The straps are brown with “Duffy and Friends” printed on it. The interior lining is yellow with images of fall plants and storybooks.

This bag is shaped like a book with Gelatoni on the cover. He holds his palette and paintbrush and “Autumn Storybook” is in cursive above him. It has a peachy border and back.

Gelatoni, Duffy, ShellieMay, and LinaBell are pictured reading on the back.

It’s approximately 18 cm tall, 23 cm wide, and 5 cm deep. The cream-white strap is adjustable.

The pouch has an acorn charm hanging from the metal top. It’s yellow, with Gelatoni on the storybook and the others below him.

The other image of the friends around the storybook is against a white background on the other side.

It’s 16 cm tall, 11 cm wide, and 3 cm deep, perfect for storing cosmetics or glasses.

The pass case has a strap to use it as a wristlet or clip it to a bag. It also resembles a storybook, but this one white with gray trees framing the image of Gelatoni and his pals.

It looks like a book inside, with each “page” featuring a different character. It’s 11 cm tall and 6 cm wide. the strap is 18 cm long.

Complete your Gelatoni look with a beret!

The beret is a light gray-blue color with two white cat ears sticking out of the top. “Autumn Storybook” is embroidered on the edge.

It’s about 58 cm.

The double-sided scarf is a similar gray-blue color on one side, patterned with images of Duffy and friends reading, with autumn leaves and acorns.

The other side is a tan brown with the same pattern in different colors.

It’s 180 cm long and 62 cm wide.

The tray is white, with Gelatoni, Duffy, ShellieMay, and LinaBell pictured with the book. Leaves and acorns are at the corner of the tray.

It’s 26 cm x 36 cm.

The 16 cm wooden spoon has a Mickey-shaped paint palette handle, with Gelatoni reading a storybook on the bowl. The matching mug features Gelatoni in the book on one side, below “Autumn Storybook.”

On the other side are the four friends each reading a different book. It’s about 10 cm around and 7 cm tall.

The smartphone stand has you placing your phone on a tree trunk, in front of a propped-up book that reads “Capture the Colors of Cape Cod” on one page. On the other page is a tree with its leaves blowing off in the wind.

ShellieMay, LinaBell, Duffy, and Gelatoni are gathered around the trunk.

Duffy is dressed in an argyle sweater vest embroidered with an orange “D” patch and matching reen corduroy pants and hat.

The plush badges are all approximately 15 cm tall and have a silver chain.

ShellieMay is in a yellow hat with a plaid black-and-white bow. She wears a yellow sweater embroidered with daisies and a yellow pleated skirt.

Gelatoni has an orange jacket over a striped shirt and checked brown pants.

He’s also wearing a gray beret.

LinaBell has a red bowler hat and a matching red plaid dress with a brown belt, white sleeves, and white collar.

There are also larger versions of these costumes for the larger Duffy and Friends plush.

Note: these costumes are sold separately from the plush.

The rest of these plush charms showcase the characters reading their books.

Duffy is wearing a blue hat and reading a gray book with a sailboat on the cover — appropriate considering his sailing background.

All of these are about 9 – 10 cm tall.

ShellieMay has a plaid bow and a red book.

The book is embroidered with an image of a spool of thread.

Gelatoni’s brown book is of course about painting.

LinaBell has a pink bow and a purple book decorated with a flower and leaf.

There are also plush charms of characters that aren’t featured in the rest of the collection. LinaBell the purple bunny has a pink bow and gray book with ballet shoes on the cover.

With her ears, LinaBell is 14 cm tall.

CookieAnn the yellow dog has a red checked bow and a book featuring an apple.

‘Olu Mel the turtle wears an orange hat and is reading a blue book about the ukulele.

Are you hoping to get some of the Autumn Storybook Collection featuring Gelatoni? Let us know in the comments.

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