Nov 20, 2023

stilform's natural and non

Hamburg, Germany

Designed and manufactured by Germany’s stilform, Aeon is an all-in-one pencil with switchable magnetic tips.

In need of a pencil for note-taking or just a quick sketch? Made possible by the neodymium magnet in Aeon, you can switch freely between tips for different pencil uses.

For its inspired design, stilfom Aeon has recently been awarded a 2022 Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Start writing in metal! This long-lasting metal tip is truly magical.

The natural and non-toxic tin and bismuth elements join together to create pencil-like marks, but the tip hardly wears itself down over time.

It features no smudges, is textile-safe, and is waterproof.

Your writings and drawings done with the eternal tip stay neat and clean forever.

When your work is finished, your hands or sleeves remain clean, and any liquid won’t make the marks fade.

For a more conventional pencil experience, just switch to the graphite tip.

Its strokes are darker but easily erased too.

Each Aeon is characterized by a thin piece of meticulously selected veneer, made of walnut, ebony, or beech.

It not only guarantees a more comfortable holding position but also reminds you of a nostalgic old-school pencil.

Billions of plastic pens aren’t getting recycled annually which end up in landfills and as litter.

If you’ve had enough of consuming plastic pens and turning forests into pencils, it’s time to get a hand on a metal pencil!

82,000 trees are cut down each year to make two billion traditional wooden pencils, as each tree yields about 170,000 pencils.

Enjoy a wide selection of metal pen bodies in high-grade aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and brass!

Each metal shares the same everlasting qualities yet varies with its distinctive weight and sense of touch.

It speaks for your character and makes a uniquely personal gift to pass on further.

During production, we only get our hands on metal materials with 0% lead.

Both pencil tips and pen bodies including brass are guaranteed to exclude the existence of lead.

Tired of fractured pencil tips? You never have to worry about a fragile construction with Aeon’s powerful metal body and Eternal tip combination.

Project: stilform Aeon Designers: stilform GmbH.Lead Designers: Yang Han, Martin Wagner, and Christoph BohrerManufacturer: stilform GmbH.

Hamburg, Germany