Dec 15, 2023

7 Genius TikTok Organizing Hacks To Get Your Home in Order

These organizing tips have the power to totally transform your space.


There's a lot of organizing-related noise on TikTok—so much that it can be tricky to find the best hacks and tips without scrolling for hours. To save you the time (and thumb cramps), we did the studious thing and dug up the keepers for you.

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If this summer has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no great way to store bathing suits. Two-piece sets get all mixed up, varying shapes make it hard to fold everything uniformly, and the slick material slides around in drawers. The fix? Zippered mesh bags. (Try this bulk-pack from Amazon) Keep your suits sorted by using one bag for each set. You’ll easily find your fav yellow, polka-dot bikini thanks to the see-through mesh, and your swimwear will take up less real estate in your dresser drawers. Now to the beach!

Magazine files are the ultimate multitasker. Yes, they can (and should) be used to store your copies of Real Simple. But they can also be used throughout the kitchen in so many ways, as well. Canned goods toppling over? Starchy vegetables dirtying your fruit bowl and its contents? Zip locks, tin foil, parchment paper, and cling wrap taking up an entire drawer? All of these things can be stashed in a magazine holder, which slides nicely into cabinets, utilizing all that vertical space. Kick it up a notch by attaching the filer to the inside of your cabinet with adhesive strips to hold lightweight items without taking up shelf space.

Admit it: Laundry day isn’t exactly something you look forward to. No matter how you spin it, a chore is a chore. Even so, making your laundry zone look nicer can definitely ease the dread. And the accessory we suggest to spruce up your space might surprise you: a tissue box cover. Find yourself a rectangular tissue box cover, like this one from Amazon, and use it to decant your (compostable!) dryer sheets. It looks way better than the original cardboard packaging, and if you choose a translucent cover, you’ll be able to spot when you’re running low on dryer sheets.

Another tricky item to store in closets? Shoes. Again, they’re irregular in shape and can be quite bulky. This hack uses a common organizer, an over-the-door shoe holder, in an unexpected way. When you’re shopping, look for a metal one that can be mounted. (We like this one from Amazon). That’s right, you’re going to mount this instead of hanging it over the door. Where? The left- or right-side wall of your closet. This takes advantage of a notoriously underutilized space, while keeping your closet floor free from shoes and the door open for more organizers!

Lack of under-sink space is a common pain point for people, and bulky trash bag boxes certainly aren’t helping. Nix the clunky packaging and place that roll of trash-bags in a lidded bin with an open handle, like this $5 basic from Target. Why an open handle? This is where you’ll pull out a new bag, dispensing one at a time like that cardboard box. Why a lidded bin? That way you can stack other things on top! Odds are, you’ll have extra space in the bin for other, lesser-used items or extra trash bag rolls!

This hack will keep stuffed animals and throw blankets from taking over your home. Reclaim your tidy space with an ottoman, floor pillow, or beanbag case that suits your style. This leather number from Amazon is a design chameleon, while this bean bag from Pottery Barn Kids offers customization for your little one. In your search, look for an unfilled pouf so that your stuffies and throws can fill the space. Now they’re out of sight, gathered in one spot, and you’ve added a piece of decor to your room—an all-around win.

You can never have enough plastic grocery bags. If you hoard those suckers under the sink, in your pantry, or in a cupboard, you know they can start eating up space fast. Instead of stashing a bunch of bags inside one plastic bag, repurpose the tube-like container for disinfectant wipes. Before putting the plastic bags in there, get all of the air out and fold them as tightly as possible, to make room for incoming bags.

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